Depression Meds Place Elderly At Risk Of Severe Medical Conditions

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Researchers have shown that older people using new generation medications for depression will be at more risk of death and experiencing various severe medical conditions such as falls, stroke, epilepsy and fractures. The study found that SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) for depression are more strongly linked to a higher possibility of a number of … Read more

The Use of Antidepressants in Pregnancy Is Risky

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According to researchers, increased risk of miscarriage, neonatal health issues, preterm birth as well as the possibility of long term neurobehavioral problems, such as autism, indicate that a class of antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, should only be prescribed with extreme caution and with full counseling for women suffering from depression and … Read more

It Really Doesn’t Take Much Exercise To Help Improve Mood

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Research has shown that it’s not necessary to work out hours every day to improve mood and feel happier about yourself. Just by engaging in some physical activity from no physical activity can help improve subjective well-being.[1] If you are a physically inactive person leading a sedentary lifestyle, you can reduce risk of depression and … Read more

How Hearing Loss Can Increase Your Risk Of Depression

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Research has discovered that older people with age-related hearing loss experienced more depressive symptoms; the more the hearing loss, the more the risk of having symptoms of depression. The results indicate that treating age-related hearing loss, an under recognized and under treated condition among all older people, could be one method to help prevent late-life … Read more

Doodling Can Help Boost Your Happiness [STUDY]

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According to a study, the reward pathways of your brain activate when performing art creation activities such as doodling.[1] Researchers made use of fNIRS (functional near-infrared spectroscopy) technology for measuring blood flow in the regions of the brain associated with rewards while individuals who participated in the study completed various art creation projects. This demonstrates … Read more

Is Depression More Contagious for Certain People?

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Research shows that a certain type of thinking which can make people vulnerable to depression can in fact “rub off” on other people, increasing their depression symptoms 6 months later.[1] Individuals that respond in a negative way to life events that are stressful, interpreting the events as the consequence of factors they cannot change as … Read more

Acupuncture Has Been Proven Effective for Depression During Pregnancy

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According to a study, acupuncture is effective in reducing symptoms of depression during pregnancy. The study results reveal that this standardized acupuncture for depression protocol could be a viable option for treating depression during pregnancy.[1] As many as 14% of women who are pregnant could have major depressive disorder, a disorder characterized by feelings of … Read more

Compassion for Others Helps to Improve Emotional Well Being

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Researchers have proven that compassion for others provides significant emotional benefits for the giver, regardless of whether the recipient is aware of the compassionate act. The study tested the Dalai Lama’s hypothesis that one’s own affective state is enhanced by compassionate concern for others’ welfare. The researchers studied 175 newlywed couples who had been married … Read more

Just 1 Hour Of Exercise A Week Can Help Prevent Depression

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Research has shown that exercising regularly for just a single hour a week can help prevent depression. The results of a study reveal that even a small amount of any intensity exercise can help to protect against depression and benefit mental health regardless of gender or age. The analysis involved 33,908 people who had their … Read more

Smartphone Addiction can Actually Increase the Risk of Depression

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Smartphones have become an important part of our lives for the majority of us, enabling us to be connected and up to date all the time. The negative aspect of this convenience is that a lot of us are addicted to the frequent chimes, pings, vibrations and other device alerts, not able to ignore new … Read more