Generosity Has Been Proven To Be a Source of Happiness

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Those who are concerned about the well-being of their fellow humans are happier compared to those who focus only on their own needs. Performing a good deed for someone else gives most of us a pleasant feeling that’s known as a warm glow. Researchers looked at how areas of the brain communicate to produce this … Read more

Study Has Proven Everyday Creativity Boosts Happiness

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A study has proven that everyday creativity can boost happiness by creating an upward spiral of wellbeing. For the study, 658 varsity students were asked to maintain a daily journal of their experiences as well as emotional states for 13 days. When the researchers analyzed the journals a pattern was found – the participants felt … Read more

What is Dual Diagnosis?

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An individual with dual diagnosis has both a problem with drugs or/and alcohol together with a mental disorder. A lot of people who abuse alcohol and drugs also experience mental illness, and a lot of people who have mental illness experience problems with substance abuse. Research has indicated that almost a third of individuals with … Read more

A Walk In Nature Can Help Improve Depression Symptoms

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Walking in nature can be psychologically beneficial for individuals suffering from depression. In a study to look at the effect that walking in nature has on mood and cognition in individuals who have major depression, promising evidence was found that some cognitive benefits could be provided by walking in nature.[1] The research revealed that improved … Read more

Tai Chi Exercise Found to Help Boost Standard Depression Treatment

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When tai chi was combined with a standard depression treatment for a group of older people with depression, researchers found better improvement in the level of depression, as well as improved quality of life, better memory and cognition, and more overall energy, in comparison to another group in which the standard depression treatment was combined … Read more